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Welcome to Crown Hill Auto Sales

Welcome to Crown Hill Auto Sales, part of the Crown Hill Automotive Group, where you are one of the family.

Crown Hill Auto Sales is located in Seattle, WA. We are in a great little neighborhood known as Crown Hill in the North Seattle community of Ballard. We have our own maintenance and repair facility on site. Crown Hill Automotive and Crown Hill Auto Sales are part of the Crown Hill Automotive Group, which also includes British Automotive.

You’ll find that we are a bit different than most big used car operations that play games and switch you from one salesman to another. We’re a small and intimate operation and we only have one sales person. Our sales agent, Lauren Grothe will be honest and upfront with you from hello to goodbye.

Late Model Cars:
Crown Hill Auto Sales keeps an inventory of Subaru Foresters, Outbacks and Legacys and a handful of other late model cars and trucks. We take every vehicle we have available for sale through our shop at Crown Hill Automotive and give them a 30+ point inspection.  Any repairs or maintenance the car needs then get taken care of so you buy a mechanically sound car. We like to think of it as giving these cars a “new lease on life”.  Any work done through Crown Hill Automotive is then warrantied for one year.

Classic and Special Interest Vehicles:
We know lots of people that are entrenched in the “Old Car” community and are occasionally of the mind to cut one loose from the herd, so to speak. They don’t want to take their classic cars, hot rods, customs or muscle cars to a traditional consignment organization where it will be subjected to the elements or the sticky fingers of looky loos, so they contact us and ask us to do the marketing for them while their special ride stays safe and sound in its own stable.

We not only want to help you into your next car or truck, we want to help you keep it running strong and for the long haul. Every car we sell has been through an extensive pre-purchase inspection to ensure safety and carefree run ability.

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Check our inventory of available cars and trucks and see if we have one that fits your needs and lifestyle. Just go to the top menu and click "Inventory"
Be sure and give us a call, also, to see what we may have coming in that might suit your needs!

If it’s time for you to sell your Classic, Hot Rod, Custom, Muscle Car or other Special Interest vehicle and you don’t want to go through the hassle yourself, (but don’t really want to take it to a big consignment lot and leave it exposed to the elements and sticky fingers) give us a call. We have a program just for you. We do the marketing and selling and you keep the car at home, or we can store it here for a small monthly fee. To find out more, just click on "Consignment"

Whether you are buying or selling... we promise to do a great job for you!

Contact Lauren Grothe at 206-782-7950 office.