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Crown Hill Auto Sales Consignment Program for Classics

How to Sell your Classic or Special Interest vehicle… with the least amount of time, hassle and inconvenience to you!

If you are considering selling your Classic or Special Interest car or truck, we invite you to ask us how Crown Hill Auto Sales can be of service to you.

Crown Hill Auto Sales is effective at selling consigned vehicles and has earned a solid reputation, both locally and on the Internet, as straightforward Classic and Special Interest experts. Whether it’s your special weekend toy or collector vehicle… we do the job for you in a professional way.

We will:

  • take pictures and post them to their own web page
  • write compelling ads
  • post ads on the internet for local and worldwide exposure
  • take the phone calls
  • answer the emails 
  • make sure that the advertising is doing it’s job
  • ...and most important - CLOSE THE SALE!

We know what to say and when to say it when dealing with a local buyer or someone thousands of miles away. We take on the task of dealing with the public, preventing you from exposing yourself and/or your private residence to unknown parties... all while your classic vehicle stays at home, safe and sound, or we can keep it at the shop for a small monthly storage fee.

You don't have to deal with the tire kickers. We turn tire kickers into buyers through our top notch service and quality offerings.

When you consign your vehicle with Crown Hill Auto Sales, we will place your Classic vehicle on our web site and a wide variety of other online venues and our own photo gallery that gives select buyers a comprehensive look at your vehicle, just as if they were walking around it. Once a potential buyer shows serious interest in your vehicle, we can contact you if you are storing the vehicle to bring it in on a special appointment basis.

This gives your vehicle the benefit of both local and world wide exposure to potential buyers. So, combined with our own website and various other online advertising venues, we provide a powerful combination to give consigned vehicles the exposure needed to make consignment sales successful. All without risking your special ride to an environment away from home until truly necessary.

As a result of our exposure on the internet, our consigned vehicles have been sold to buyers in many areas of the United States, as well as in our local marketing area.

If you would like to speak directly with Lauren Grothe or to Jerry Barkley at 206-782-7950.

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Ford Mustang
Here is a Mustang that went to a happy buyer in Texas

The seller was very happy with the amount we were able to sell his car for!