How Consignment Works
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How Consignment Works

Crown Hill Auto Sales is dedicated to helping you sell your Classic or Special Interest car or truck in a timely manner with the least amount of hassle and expense. The process is simple and effective.

Our Crown Hill Auto Sales representative will assist you in evaluating the condition of your special vehicle and checking resources to establish the amount that your vehicle should be marketed for. Often, with a classic or special interest vehicle, we recommend getting a third party appraisal. We can then get a pretty good idea of what you would receive upon the sale of your vehicle.

Items to bring in with your vehicle at time of consignment:

  1. Title and Registration for review by dealership.
  2. Any documentation describing work done to your vehicle and a written narrative, if possible, telling anything that you think is important.

We require that you submit your car for a mechanical inspection through Crown Hill Automotive or British Automotive. We will not do any mechanical work unless specifically authorized by you. Cost of inspection and written results is $95, or a complete comprehensive inspection is $190 if you think your car needs extensive mechanical work.

We require that your car be clean, ready for display and in good operating condition at all times... unless specifically being marketed as a PROJECT.

We require a Consignment Agreement to be signed by Seller and Crown Hill Auto Sales.

We require that you maintain possession of the vehicle and make it available at the dealership or another designated location in a timely manner when we contact you to do so. You can drop it off and make arrangements for transportation away from the dealership or we will provide a loaner car while we are showing and demonstrating your car to a potential buyer. We ask that you be available by phone during the showing and any subsequent negotiations. Title and any pertinent documentation must accompany the car at the time of showing appointment. This is done so that we may sell and deliver the car without any delay.

Selling Commission

We charge a marketing set-up fee of $399 paid at time of consignment. This covers our time and expense of marketing your vehicle in the event that it does not sell in the 120 day consignment period. 

Our fee for selling your vehicle is 10% of the sale price or a minimum of $1500, whichever is greater.

Once the vehicle is sold, paid for, title transferred and funds deposited, Crown Hill Auto Sales will cut you a check for your proceeds.

Here’s what we’ll do for you and your special ride:

  • Take lots of professional quality photos of your vehicle. We take photos to best display your vehicle in advertising. (The idea is to give a buyer a complete presentation of your car; just like they were in YOUR shop or garage, walking around it and looking into the areas where most buyers would want to see)
  • Provide a personalized web page of your vehicle photos and information on our website. We link to that page in other online advertising, as well. This idea works much better than being satisfied with only a handful of pictures that many sites allow. (When multiple photos are presented, buyers respond better)
  • Write effective advertising copy to enhance response 
  • Post your vehicle for sale online using those Classic For Sale advertising sites we can use for FREE (There are lots of PAY sites you can choose from, as well. We charge a small fee to post to those sites in addition to the cost of the ad)
  • Take all of the phone calls and Emails. (This frees you up to do the things you want and need to do in life… besides waiting for a buyer to respond.)
  • Deal with buyers in a professional manner, leading them to the conclusion that yours is the best investment for them. (The marketing doesn’t sell your car… it’s knowing how to close the deal that counts!)
  • Assistance in transport for the new owner. (Many buyers and sellers just don’t know how to do this and we make it easy for them)
  • Completion of required sale documents. (We make sure that the paperwork is done and you are no longer liable or responsible for the car)


When the funds have cleared and the title and vehicle are delivered, we cut you a check for your proceeds of the sale.

(We protect you from the scammers of the world that are out to fool you and get your money or your car using fraudulent financial instruments)



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